The Fielden Family.

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The Fielden family have played an important role in the story of Todmorden. The Georgian house you can see on the left was the home of Honest John Fielden following his marriage to Ann Grindrod in 1811.

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The Fielden cotton business was begun by Honest John’s father, Joshua Fielden, in 1782, at Laneside cottages, which can be seen 200 metres further up Rochdale Road, on the opposite side of the road. (To visit, turn right, walking past the Fielden’s Technical training college with a clock on top, and the old firemen’s cottages – built handily to respond to any fires at the Fieldens’ factories!)

Turn left, and walk along the main road. Cross the road to the other side at the pelican crossing, and carry on. You will come to a pub called the Golden Lion. 

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