The Rochdale Canal

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August 1798 saw the completion of the canal from Rochdale to Todmorden. By 1802 the whole canal was open and daily barges passed up and down. In 1839 work on the train line began with the Todmorden Station being completed in 1865.

Once you've listened to the track continue your journey.

Carry on along this path. You are walking along the top of the "Great Wall of Tod" which is the canal embankment. The railway is to your right. when you get to the railway crossing, turn left (do not cross the railway), and walk down the track over the canal bridge to the main road. Please note the track has some loose gravel. You will see a large house on the left hand side and Morrison's supermarket will be in front of you. Stop just before the main road. 

Alternate Accessible Route: From the White Hart re-join main road and follow to the right (Rochdale direction) passing the library, crossing the canal (note Great Wall), continue to house opposite Morrison's. 

This is a good place to listen to the next track.

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