The Unitarian Church

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Honest John's sons built this church in 1869 in honour of their father. The 196 feet spire has foundations going down 30 feet. On the hill opposite is Dobroyd Castle. This magnificent building was the home of John Fielden, costing £100,000. It took 4 years to build.

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Walk through the grounds and exit through the gates at the bottom of the hill. Carry on straight forward and you will find yourself back at the Golden Lion. 

Take a moment to look at the information panel in the square outside the Golden Lion, and note the very unusual lifting mechanism for the lock gates adjacent to the road bridge.

Walk along the main road towards the town centre, and take the cobbled street to your right (Water Street). Walk to the end of the road, then cross over to the impressive Town Hall. 

Accessible Route Information: The cobbles can be avoided by keeping beside the main road to the Town Hall.

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