17th Century Quakers in Todmorden.

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This is where Honest John Fielden is buried, hundreds lined the streets for his funeral and hundreds more climbed the hill to see the procession. As a Member of Parliament he had campaigned for better working conditions and played a part in the passing of the 10 Hour Act.

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Continue walking down the short hill for about 100 meters until you reach the Unitarian Church. Walk straight on up the hill. You will see some gates in the railings leading into the grounds. We will come back here! Walk past the gates, following the hill upwards. Keep going, and when the tarmac road runs out, follow the track to the right round an s - bend. this is Shoebroad Lane. Walk up the hill to the Quaker graveyard on the right hand side. A peaceful space with great views. 

Accessible Route Information: There is some loose gravel on the track and 2 large steps up into the graveyard area, but the graveyard can be seen well from the track.

Retrace your steps back to the Unitarian Church, and go through the gates. 

Accessible Route Information: There is 1 large step up.

This is a good place to listen to the next track. 

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