Todmorden the Market Town

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Todmorden is still a thriving market town with both indoor and outdoor markets.

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After the market, cross the main road and walk under the railway viaduct. Walk up the path to the left, past the iron sculpture of the viaduct that marks the old boundary between Yorkshire and Lancashire. At the top, turn right. You will come to Ridge Steps which you go up. 

Accessible Route Information: Hill and steps can be avoided by keeping along the main road until the park entrance. You will see the old Christ Church on your left, and Patmos memorial garden on your right - the former site of a Methodist chapel. Re-join the trail at no. 10, by the statue, after looking at the mansion site just beyond it.

At the top turn right, along a narrow tarmac lane which is a cycle path known as Lovers Lane. Keep on this path (don't go down Well Lane) until you reach an open space which is the site of Carr Laithe. (The family home of Ruth Stansfield who married Honest John's son, John - for whom he built Dobroyd Castle). Take the tarmac path right, downhill. The path finishes at the car park for the sports centre.

At the bottom of the car park, take the path down to the sports centre entrance; straight ahead down to the lower car park where you take a path to the right. This path takes you along the side of the tennis courts. When you arrive at the shelter turn right and then left, this will lead you to the walled garden of Centre Vale Park Mansion. At the end of the garden you will see some of the foundations of the mansion with an interpretation board explaining all about the mansion. Continue on the path for 20 metres where you will find a statue of John Fielden.

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