Fielden Terrace, Stansfield Hall and Sir Charles Barry.

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This attractive row of cottages, Fielden Terrace, was built in about 1863 by John Gibson to conceal the somewhat squalid view and to provide a more dignified approach to Stansfield Hall, the home of Joshua Fielden.

Once you've listened to the commentary continue with your journey.

You can now choose to (Escape route 3) bear right under the railway bridge and walk down Victoria Road to the main road and then left and on into the centre of Todmorden, OR...

Turn left and walk up Stansfield Hall road for about 150 metres till you reach a footpath on the right which leads down from the road between some low buildings and a pleasant wooded area.

Follow the footpath onto the bridge over the railway.

Here is a good place to listen to the next track.

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