Smallpox and Sourhall Isolation Hospital.

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A serious smallpox epidemic in 1874 highlighted the need for an isolation hospital. Pressed by Samuel Fielden who paid for the nursing staff, doctors and equipment at first, this was the town's modest response.

Once you've listened to the commentary continue with your journey.

Leave Parkin Lane on the track to the right and follow it for about 400 metres.

The track forks with the right fork leading down to a dwelling and on the left is a footpath marked Todmorden Centenary Way (TCW) leading over a little wooden bridge. Take the footpath.

As the footpath opens out onto open ground there is a TCW marker post. From here cross over to the far corner of the field opposite bounded by a wire fence at the top, keeping to the left and out of the deep valley in front. The path goes over a small stream at the head of this small valley.

Cross the two stiles (marked TCW) and go left following the track. Do not follow the wire fence which bends to your right. At the top of the track cross the stile, then the little bridge and then straight up the gradient till you reach a metaled  roadway.

At the road turn right and walk along the road till it ends at the farm at Lower Moor.

Leaving the roadway, bear left onto a grassy footpath leading straight on to the top of an old track between two drystone walls.

Go down this track (wet) and then follow the line of the right hand wall down over the moor past ruined farm buildings to a stile. There is no defined pathway.

At the bottom of the moor, cross the stile and continue following the line of the wall down a steep slope till reaching a well defined grassy track leading down across the steep valley side.

Follow this track down to the bottom of the valley where it reaches the main Burnley road. About 200 metres before you reach the main road stop where you have a view of the steel bridge over the railway before it goes into the tunnel.

Here is a good place to listen to the next track.

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