Dobroyd Castle.

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Dobroyd Castle is the second of the "great houses" which were the residences of "Honest John" Fielden's three sons. It was the home of the middle son John Fielden a landowner in the grand style who was appointed High Sheriff and a J.P. in 1844. In 1857 John Fielden married Ruth Stansfield a local mill girl. The story goes John's brother Samuel also pursued Ruth but she replied to John's proposal of marriage by saying that she would accept if he built her a castle on top of a hill. As a wedding gift to the working people in the mills, £69 was distributed (perhaps sixpence or a shilling a person).

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At the end of the track cross the stile, leave the track and bear slightly left up the grassy slope picking up the line of an old trackway and aiming for the highest point. Looking down to the right you can see Edge End Farm.

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