Valley View of a Part of the Fieldens' Empire.

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The Fielden family virtually created Todmorden and the story of the two are inseparable. As the Fielden spinning and weaving business grew to become one of the largest cotton enterprises in this area, so Todmorden grew and expanded from a hamlet to an industrial mill town.

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Cross the Burnley Road (take great care) and turn left, for 100 metres up the road to the Staff of Life pub, Knotts Wood Road and a bus stop. (Escape route 2 - Bus back to Todmorden).

At the top of Knotts Wood Road (400 meters) follow the track on the hairpin left. Stay on this track as it zig-zags and winds up round the hill. There are several forks in the track but always take the one leading uphill. Just past the radio tower the track goes over a cattle grid and through the dwellings at Hartley Royd. Find out about Hartley Royd in the next track.

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