An Industrialised Valley created by a mighty Ice-Age Flood.

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Landscape is a product of the interactions between physical and human forces. The underlying geology, climate and weathering shape the land, produce its soils and clothe it in vegetation. Man determines its final form with his construction of towns, villages, fields, factories, quarries, mines and transport routes. This is all before you now. Here lie the very roots of industrial society and origins of the factory system of production.

Once you've listened to the commentary continue with your journey.

Now take the steepest pathway after the opening on the right up the bank towards another drystone wall with a gap leading onto Watty Lane.

Turn right up Watty Lane and where it joins Stones Road again keep straight on along the road between the drystone walls.

At Stones Farm keep to the left of the high wall, passing the entrance with cattle grid, then bear right up the footpath leading around the farm wall. Stop at the right angle bend and look out for the monolithic standing stones.

Here is a good place to listen to the next track.

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