The Railway, Fieldens and Dobroyd Crossing.

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Thomas wasn't the first Fielden, or by any means the last, to be involved with the Manchester and Leeds Railway Company, which later became the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway in 1847. His elder brother "Honest" John was a founder Director of the Company in 1825 and successfully argued for a route through Todmorden where it would pass within yards of the family's main mill at Waterside, now the site of Morrisons.

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Cross the railway line by the pedestrian footbridge, and then walk up Dobroyd Road. At the crossroads with the entrance gates and former Lodge to Dobroyd Castle on your right continue straight ahead up Stones Road.

A little further up Stones Road, and just after passing the cottages the road turns sharply to the right and there is an opening in the drystone wall directly ahead. Go through the opening.

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