Upper Lumb Mill

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Upper Lumb Mill - a school, a tunnel and a gasometer.

Once you have listened to the commentary continue your journey.

Walk on 100 metres until you reach the bridge, turn left and walk to the end of the bridge. On the right, you can see part of the dam (on private land) for Lower Lumb Mill and a second  magnificent chimney. On your left you can see the weir and the goit which feeds Lower Lumb dam.

Retrace your steps back over the bridge and turn left down the track for about 1 km, until you join the tarmac road coming down from the right.  Descend on this road for a short distance where you turn sharply left, passing the school, to reach a bridge. In front of you is the site of Eaves Mills. Here is a good place to listen to the next commentary.

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