Hudson Fold

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Farming and weaving in the early 19th century, the dual economy.


Once you have listened to the commentary continue your journey.

Carry on through the farmyard, up the track, turning left on to a tarmac road called Edge Lane (if you need a drink or food, turn right for 200 metres to May’s Shop a local Aladdin’s cave).

Continue along Edge Lane, ignoring all the turnings, to beyond where the tarmac runs out. Look ahead and you will see the high moors, where water was collected and fed into the streams and dams, which you will see on the rest of the walk.

After about 2 km or so you reach a wooden shed on the left. Here take a waymarked path down to the left, which leads to LOWER FOLD FARM.

At the left hand end of the farmhouse turn left down an uneven waymarked path next to a small stream. The path turns into a track, which is called PARK LANE, marked by a series of yellow topped posts (this can be muddy after rain).

When you reach the fence at the end of the field turn down towards the river called Colden Water, following the yellow posts and a small stream, which is the overflow from the dam above you at Great Clough.

But first look to the other side of the river where, to  our right, you will see a weir which captures water and sends it along a goit (or water channel). You can see the line of the water channel opposite. This feeds the dam at Rodmer Clough, which you will pass shortly. 

Here is a good place to listen to the next commentary.

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