Upper and Lower Eaves Mills

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Upper and Lower Eaves Mills - spinning silk and self-help manufacturing.

Once you have listened to the commentary continue your journey.

Turn left up to the end of Brookside, where you will see that the river emerges from a magnificent tunnel. In the stream bed you can see another weir, which captures the water into a goit and takes it underground to Mytholm Mill, on the other side of the hill.

Retrace your steps to the bridge and take the path opposite, by the side of some newish houses (starting at a school sign). This is a path well used by local people, although officially it is not a right of way. The path runs along the streamside, following another disused goit, leading to the site of Bankfoot Mill, now a small housing estate. Look up to your left. In the trees is Bankfoot Mill chimney. Here is a good place to listen to the next commentary.

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