Using the Pennine Horizons e-Trails App

The Pennine Horizons e-Trails app is simple to use. 

Simply select the e-Trail that you would like to walk and download it. We recommend that you download the trail before setting off, or somewhere with decent WiFi reception. Once you have downloaded the e-Trail onto your phone you don't need internet access to use the App.

Here are a few tips on getting the most out of the e-Trail:

Once you've downloaded the trails you will see the 'Fact-file' for the App. This will give you information about the e-Trail you are about to follow. Including the start and finish point, the length and conditions. 

The next page is the Before you Start Section. This will include information about facilities en-route and where you can find more information about the e-Trail.

This is followed by the first part of the trail,

Each page includes the following,

1, A selection of images at the Top, that you can scroll through. These are all related to the point of interest you are at. You can click on the images to increase the size, this then allows you to zoom in and out. Clicking on the image also gives you the credit information for each image. 

Please note - some points do only have one image.

2, The commentary which is located just below the images gives you more information about the point of interest you are at. You can flick through the images as you are listening to the commentary. 

3, The text below the commentary will give you an overview of what you are about to listen to. Listen to the commentary  as soon as you get to the end of the previous directions. 

4, Directions to continue your e-Trail. 

There is also a map to help you follow the trail. This can be accessed from any page of the App by clicking the Map icon at the top right hand side of the App.This will take you between the point of interest page  and the map, you can click back and forward at any point.

5, On the Top left hand corner of the App is a symbol made up of three white lines. Click on this and you will be able to move between the different points of interest and 'Fact-file' & 'Before you Start'

We hope you enjoy using our App.